Mellow Yellow

Hello Darlings ♡

As I always like to start is that I hope you are all doing well ♡

So it has been such a busy week since last week and it has finally come to a relaxation mode now.
This was because from the following weeks it was a countdown to my cousins nikkah. (Nikkah means an Islamic marriage)

So me and my family were all busy and excited for that Alhumdillah.

I took matters into my own hands and designed an outfit to wear on the day of her nikkah and below is what I came up with! Being Pakistani, I added my cultural side mixed with a modern twist to create something that can be worn even by itself. For example the top.

I hope you likeyy and comment to tell me your views!
Deats and pics below as always ♡



I wanted to wear those shoes but they hurt too much!
Shoes from – Jimmy Choo





Ignore the crease marks LOL these were taken at the end of the night so I guess they are expected 😦

Shoes – Dune
Outfit – By me!
Necklace – Primark
Bag – Chanel



Hello Dolls,

I hope you are all well ♡

So I am currently at a Mendhi (Henna) party.
If you are wondering what that is, it’s a traditional party held before the wedding day in Asian culture. 🙂

Here is what i wore 🙂



The outfit is a vintage outfit from my dear mother ♡ old is gold!!

Take Care,

Wedding Celebrations!

Hello Darlings!

I hope you are all in ze best of health.. always.

So my sisters wedding celebrations continue! (I’ve been busy and lazy to do this hehe) but nooow I have plucked out of bed to blog my final outfit.

The last event is called a Walima and we went allll ze way to Leeds.. subhanAllah that journey was hella long but soooo fun! ^.^

Here’s what I wore and a few other pics if I can find them..

Enjoy, stay blessed.



From a shop called Beejees – Ilford Lane.



Wedding Bells.

Hello daaaaarlings.

Well this post is special to me.. as its the post of my sissys wedding!

She recently got married *mashAllah* and I thought ill include a few pics of her dress, mines & a few others.. hehe

Twas a beaaaautiful day and may Allah swt bless them Abundantly ameeeen.



My outfit!

From Brocade – Ilford Lane


Me and le cousins outfits!



Beautiful bride and grooms attire.. mash Allah!


New Year!


Well it has been quite some time since I’ve last blogged! But woohoo it’s the New Year! (I know I know even though the Islamic new year was 2 months ago) but no Harm in wishing it eh!

I just wanted to thank God that whoever may be reading this has made it to see another beautiful year! Alhumdillah!

This year is so exciting for me as it is my older sister’s wedding! *eek* and I absolutely cannot wait for it inshAllah. It’s going to be so emotional for me and my family but its so lovely that we have another beautiful family joining ours alhumdillah!!

Also I pray that this year brings loads of laughter, happiness and good health to all of us inshAllah ameen!

Ill end ze post with a quick outfit I wore today which was very very cosy in this ‘lovely‘ weather.

Take Care

Outfit Deats:
Jumper: Zara Trousers: H&M Cardi: H&M