Welcome Winter!

Hello beautiful people ♡

I hope you all are doing well!
Its seems as if I become so busy and forget about my blog 😦 and it’s true I do at times because of how busy I get.

But I’m back with a new post!.

It’s getting pretty chilly in the UK.. of course its always is cold! *brr* and its time to layer and wrap ourselves up!

Here’s a deats post of what I wore today to see my wonderful friend!

Deats and Pictures below as usual ♡

Also I’m thinking of starting something real soon.. let’s see if I’ll pluck up enough courage to do so!

Lots of Love ♡

Jumper – Red Herring

Fur Scarf – New Look
Jeans – Zara
Cardi – Mothers
Boots – Primarnii
Bag – Moschino




Cardi ♡

Hey Dolls!

I Hope you are all In the best of health and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having so far ♡
How’s everyone’s week going? Mine is pretty stressful got so many deadlines and on my Final Major Project.. to whoever who reads this keep me in your prayers ♡

Here’s an OTTD from the other day.. hope you like it.. I’m totes in love with this new cardi #YAY

Deats Below


Cardi – H&M
Top – M&S
Shoes/Leather pants – Primarni
Bag – Valentina



Take Care,

9th April 2015


I Hope you are all doing well ♡
It’s been quite some time since my last post (2 months to be precise!) 
And I’ve totally run out of title names haha! As you can see..

But anyways it’s the Easter Holidays and I’m visiting my sister ^.^ so we were walking and saw the most coolest spot to take a picture of my outfit so here are some pictures of today!




Top – Great Plains
Jeans – South
Shoes – Zara
Bag – DKNY
Cardi – Mango

Have a lovely holiday and enjoy the great weather we are having ^.^



Hello Darlings.

So here’s an OTTD of my outfit from yesterday’s event.
We had a family get together party at my aunties and it was fab!

So took the chance to snap some photos, matching the background of course.

Deats and pics below,




Shoes – Primarni
Jumper – M&S
Bag – Linea
Leather Pants – Zara

Stay blessed ♡


Casual Look

Hey Dolls ♡

Hope you are all in the best of health.. x
Big wishes to the new year! Wow 2015 has finally come.. I hope this year brings even more better memories, happiness and success 🙂

Here’s a look, a causal one for the cold days!

Plus I’m being more frequent with my posts 🙂 defo will keep It up.

Deats and Pics below.



Puncho – Primarni
Jeans – Republic
Trainers – Converses

Have a wonderful year!


Pretty in Pink.

Hey Dolls!

Hope you’re doing well and the holidays are going fine 🙂

So on Xmas day it was my Bro in laws birthday.. so me and my family drove up to Leeds & Manchester! It was in a lovely resturant in Manchester and we had a good time!

I wanted to take better pictures but only had time for a mirror shot of what I wore.

Seriously I’m digging pink on parties now lols!

Deats and Pics below.



Jumper – George
Fur Gillet – New Look
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Primani
Bag – Valentina

Take care,


Hey Dolls!

Omg I didn’t realise that I’m nearly a month overdue! Please forgive me 😦 just been so busay with work and stuff but I had time today out of all days *yay*

So went on a visit to the Tate and thought why not do a post in me spare time I had there!

Here is what I wore.. It was freeeeezing today .. so beauty is pain.. at times!

Jacket: M&S

Jeans: Zara
Boots: Primani


Have a beautiful week.. and i shall post more.. xox


Shawl Lovin’

Hello Dolls!

So I’ve been thinking that I have been slacking on posting regularly so now I’m going to do a target to at least post once or twice a week.. I’m coming back!

Here’s an outfit post i wore the other day.. I absolutely looooove shawls at the moment and they are SO in right now.

It just gives an outfit a piece of class!

Here’s photos and deats.

Hope everyones having a good week!




Shawl – M&S
Jeans – Zara
Boots – New Look
Scarf – Aab


October Style CHALLENGE! – Best bridesmaid look

Hello Darlings!

So I’ve collaborated with Weddington Way and is a participant in their very own style challenge!

The challenge was to design your own very outfit including accessories, makeup etc using one of their bridesmaid dresses!

So it was a pretty fun thing to do I must say!

You can find them at

For UH mazing dresses.. believe me check them out!

Click on my instagram where i have also tagged them into my entry!

This particular dress is called –
ALFRED SUNG D501 in dupioni | $220 in pearl pink.


Hope you like!