Black Ottd.

Hey Darlings ♡

So today I went to the museum (as per usual) and I thought might aswell do a OTTD.

As the cold is really kicking in.. It’s hard to wear your fave colours.. soo obviously Black is the best!! Such a classy colour.. plus it sheds pounds 😉

Anyways deats below!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week xox



Black Jumper – M&S
Pants – Primani
Shoes – Converse
Bag – MK
Jacket/Cardi – My mothers lol!




Hello Darlings.

So it was Eid yesterday and it was a lovely day spent with my wonderful family Alhumdillah..

Seriously i feel like I’ve put on 100kg with the amount of food I had.. haha!

But here is what I wore.. ^_^  check out my instagram.. @maryyamc.

Have a great week.


Top – New look

Silk Trousers – Snob (catalogue)
Fur – H&M
Shoes – Matalan

Eid ♡

Hello Darlings!

Firstly, wanted to say a HUGE Eid Mubarak!

We have ended the holy month of Ramadhan.. where we have all inshAllah learned new things, good things which can be implemented in our daily lives..ameen! ( and will be truly missed.. 😦

So Eid is a celebration for Muslims when Ramadhan has finished and it was definitely a lovely day for me spending with my loved ones Alhumdillah..♡

I thought I’ll share an outfit post on what I wore.. 😀

Hope you likey and had a great Ramadhan and Eid..♡

Tell me what you did!




Jacket – Zara
Top – Zara
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Zara
Bracelet – Accessorize

Floral Pants.


Seriously I need to stop leaving such huge gaps in between my posts.. I always say this but seem to be

Just been busy with some particular exciting events taking place in ze next month… inshAllah..♡
SO IM Uber Excited!

Here’s an outfit from ze other day.. it was my besties birthday.. hope you likey xox




Black Kimono – H&M
Top -H&M
Pants – Market
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Valentina


Quick POST.

Hello Darlings!

I hope you are all in the best of health..♡

Well thought I’d do a quick OTTD, as I tend to leave huge gaps in between my posts..eek.. well now im free till September I have no excuses whatsoever!

Ramadan Soon.. and im dead excited hehe!

Pics and deats below.



Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Newlook
Top : le fathers ^.^
Scarf : Market


Wowzers.. and Alhumdillah for being in good health and being in the wonderful and blessed month ahead.. ❤

June already! And we are still wearing jackets in the UK… how sad.

Anywho it's been a hectic couple of weeks for me been running around finishing and completing my studies.. plus writing this with a backache from yesterday's theme park adventure.. *boohoo*

Plus I turned a whole year older on the 3rd June.. ^_^

Here's an OTTD,




Top: Marks & Spencer
Trousers: H&M
Cardi: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Trainers: Converse
Bag: Zara


Wellies in May?

Well the weather is a bit too Bi-polar me thinks.. yesterday was warm and lovely but today was definitely a downer..

But it doesn’t stop me from still feeling gooood!
Outfit post and le details below!


Grey Jumper: H&M
Fur Jumper:   H&M
Top                  H&M
Wellies            Hunter
Bag                  Michael Kors




Been a while…

Hello Darlings!

Been a tad bit too long? Me think so too!

Just been caught up with work work work and to be quite honest I’ve been lazy too :(( but nevertheless I am now here woopwoop!

Thought I would do a quick ottd and yessss ill be turning a year older next next week woop woop.

Deats below.

Top: M&S
Jeans: Republic
Cardi: H&M
Bag: Valentina


-Mary xox

LULU BAG + ELSKA review!

Hello Darlings!

So it’s been quiet a long time since I’ve last posted and I’ve been meaning to do this review for ages but I just never got the time to do it but finally here we gooo!! ^_^

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful bag which is called a  ‘Lulu Bag’.
The products which the Lulu bag has are a beautiful scarf, an accessory (rings, necklaces, bracelets) a headcap and and a cute pin cushion.
This is also a monthly subscription where you can receive a gift every month! Also wrapped up very beautifully.

Below are some pictures of what I received in my Lulu Bag.


I loveeee my teal hijab!
Make sure you follow lulu bag on instagram if you have it and also visit their website!

Instagram: lulu_bag_


I also received a beautiful necklace from an website called Elska and they are based in Singapore.
It’s made out of beautiful ribbon and white pearls and also can be worn in either black or white which is great!

The pictures below will give a more clear understanding to what I mean.






Also you can follow them on instagram and check out their website too!!

Instagram: Elska_Singapore

Here’s a selfie of me wearing the Lulu hijab.. yaaay!

Take Care.


Back to reality.

Hello Darlings!

So its the first week back to study.. *great*. I reaaaallly enjoyed my two weeks off and relaxed all the way through!

I have to say time is moving a bit too fast for my likings 😦 and before we know it.. it’ll be the end of the year.. eek!

Anywho quick ottd for ze first day back.. which was yesterday but didn’t have a chance to blog it!



Bag: Zara
Faux fur overcoat: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Converses