Interview day..Again!

Hello Darlings!!

As I am writing this I am literally laying in bed exhausted from today!!

So today went to an interview and here’s what I wore! It was a casual interview but it went on forever!!

So so happy I now have 3 weeks off and it’ll be dedicated to catching up with my sleep, work and a movie marathon woopwoop!


Top: Primani
Jeans & Shoes: Zara
Fur: Assesorise (Too tired to check if I got the spelling right LOL)



Take Care,


Black everything?

Hello Yellow.

Hope everyone is good and baring the cold winter days & nights.
The weather in England is a roller coaster fo reals!

But finally.. it’s ze holidaysss! Yay yay yay! Time to sleep eat and more sleep teehee hee! Joke. More like work work and work even though I already do that ;)..

Anywho outfit post time! Below is my outfit of ze day with the all important deats!

Take care


Top: Papaya Jacket/Cardi: River Island Jeans: Zara Shoes: Office
<img src="; alt="20131219-195541.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"