Hello Dolls!

Hope you’re all well.

So my beautiful cousin has been blessed with another beautiful daughter.. mashAllah.
& it was her Aqeeqah Party!

So i thought I’ll blog what I wore.. this literally took me 5 mins to choose something quick!

Hope you likey!

Deats below xo


Shawl : Accessorise
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : Zara
Bag :     New Look



Shawl Lovin’

Hello Dolls!

So I’ve been thinking that I have been slacking on posting regularly so now I’m going to do a target to at least post once or twice a week.. I’m coming back!

Here’s an outfit post i wore the other day.. I absolutely looooove shawls at the moment and they are SO in right now.

It just gives an outfit a piece of class!

Here’s photos and deats.

Hope everyones having a good week!




Shawl – M&S
Jeans – Zara
Boots – New Look
Scarf – Aab



Hello Darlings.

So it was Eid yesterday and it was a lovely day spent with my wonderful family Alhumdillah..

Seriously i feel like I’ve put on 100kg with the amount of food I had.. haha!

But here is what I wore.. ^_^  check out my instagram.. @maryyamc.

Have a great week.


Top – New look

Silk Trousers – Snob (catalogue)
Fur – H&M
Shoes – Matalan

Floral Pants.


Seriously I need to stop leaving such huge gaps in between my posts.. I always say this but seem to be

Just been busy with some particular exciting events taking place in ze next month… inshAllah..♡
SO IM Uber Excited!

Here’s an outfit from ze other day.. it was my besties birthday.. hope you likey xox




Black Kimono – H&M
Top -H&M
Pants – Market
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Valentina


Wellies in May?

Well the weather is a bit too Bi-polar me thinks.. yesterday was warm and lovely but today was definitely a downer..

But it doesn’t stop me from still feeling gooood!
Outfit post and le details below!


Grey Jumper: H&M
Fur Jumper:   H&M
Top                  H&M
Wellies            Hunter
Bag                  Michael Kors




Been a while…

Hello Darlings!

Been a tad bit too long? Me think so too!

Just been caught up with work work work and to be quite honest I’ve been lazy too :(( but nevertheless I am now here woopwoop!

Thought I would do a quick ottd and yessss ill be turning a year older next next week woop woop.

Deats below.

Top: M&S
Jeans: Republic
Cardi: H&M
Bag: Valentina


-Mary xox