Hello Darlings,

I had such a lovely day with my darling sister.. ❤
We went shopping, relaxed and had a lovely dinner alhumdillah couldn't be more thankful!

Today.. Surprisingly was an OK weather the sun was shining but by the end of the day I'm sure the temperature dropped to minus 100 knowing London *lol*

Anywhos thought I'd blog half of what I was wearing today ^_^
Ill be getting my new phone so ill be taking far more better pictures InshAllah he he!

Have a lovely weekend!





25th Dec.

So, as the 25th is a public holiday for us in the UK.. Me and my wonderful family all met up at my aunts house and had a lovely day in each others company and we all enjoyed a scrumptious roast din din!
I took a few snapshots during the day and we all sat down with a cup of tea and watched the all time classic Home Alone 2. Sadly we could have enjoyed Zahrah’s Chocolate Cake but unfortunately it wasn’t meant for us to have as it dropped on ze floor *sighs* (Zah if you are reading this we love you really :P) aha!!
Below is a few pictures of the day and an outfit post yay!

Take Care and enjoy the rest of the winter break!