Black Inspiration Clothing


So I thought every week ill put together an outfit which is ideal and something I’d wear and put it on ze blog with the deats!!!

So below is a photograph I put together with all the details and some of the prices to go with it!

This week is the colour black!
I really do think black is so elegant and classy if you know what goes with what and its so appealing to the eye.. So Enjoy.


Blouse – H&M Chiffon Blouse £15
Pants – Topshop ‘Debbie’ High waist faux leather pants
Coat – H&M Marled Coat – £35
Boots – Pull & Bear ankle boots £60
Bag – Forever 21
Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker
Nail Polish – Nars – 50 shades of grey nail polish



New Year!


Well it has been quite some time since I’ve last blogged! But woohoo it’s the New Year! (I know I know even though the Islamic new year was 2 months ago) but no Harm in wishing it eh!

I just wanted to thank God that whoever may be reading this has made it to see another beautiful year! Alhumdillah!

This year is so exciting for me as it is my older sister’s wedding! *eek* and I absolutely cannot wait for it inshAllah. It’s going to be so emotional for me and my family but its so lovely that we have another beautiful family joining ours alhumdillah!!

Also I pray that this year brings loads of laughter, happiness and good health to all of us inshAllah ameen!

Ill end ze post with a quick outfit I wore today which was very very cosy in this ‘lovely‘ weather.

Take Care

Outfit Deats:
Jumper: Zara Trousers: H&M Cardi: H&M

25th Dec.

So, as the 25th is a public holiday for us in the UK.. Me and my wonderful family all met up at my aunts house and had a lovely day in each others company and we all enjoyed a scrumptious roast din din!
I took a few snapshots during the day and we all sat down with a cup of tea and watched the all time classic Home Alone 2. Sadly we could have enjoyed Zahrah’s Chocolate Cake but unfortunately it wasn’t meant for us to have as it dropped on ze floor *sighs* (Zah if you are reading this we love you really :P) aha!!
Below is a few pictures of the day and an outfit post yay!

Take Care and enjoy the rest of the winter break!








Black everything?

Hello Yellow.

Hope everyone is good and baring the cold winter days & nights.
The weather in England is a roller coaster fo reals!

But finally.. it’s ze holidaysss! Yay yay yay! Time to sleep eat and more sleep teehee hee! Joke. More like work work and work even though I already do that ;)..

Anywho outfit post time! Below is my outfit of ze day with the all important deats!

Take care


Top: Papaya Jacket/Cardi: River Island Jeans: Zara Shoes: Office
<img src="; alt="20131219-195541.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"


Hello Darlings!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week! & ready to start another week alhumdillah!
I love Monday mornings (not),
But to be honest I’m glad to be chosen to be kept alive another day ^.^

Thought I’ll end/start the week with a lovely elegant abaya post!
This abaya was made by the one and only ‘Abida Collections
Contact me for more details.

Take care,




One Month’s of post!


I hope your all in the best of health 🙂

welll it’s been one month (since yesterday) since I’ve been blogging! & it has been great ^.^. I know I haven’t been posting on the regular but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of all of this soon.

Hopefully as soon as my site becomes a bit more noticeable I would like to do competitions and giveaways? what do you guys think?

Just wanted to say thank you for the support and love from my close ones and hopefully it’ll keep on going till the end 😀

Today I decided to post an outfit of ze day and will list the deats below.

Have a lovely week!


Jumper: Warehouse  Waistcoat: New Look  Jeans: Zara  Shoes: Carvela 



Hello darlings,

Finally, after continuous reminders and a good bug from my loved ones… The blog is done woooop!

I have decided to start blogging the latest fashions and also my own, being an aspiring fashion designer *inshAllah* So with your support and love I’ll hope to succeed my way through! 😀

So watch this space In the coming weeks I’ll be posting yay!

Love and Kisses,

Mary. X