LULU BAG + ELSKA review!

Hello Darlings!

So it’s been quiet a long time since I’ve last posted and I’ve been meaning to do this review for ages but I just never got the time to do it but finally here we gooo!! ^_^

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful bag which is called a  ‘Lulu Bag’.
The products which the Lulu bag has are a beautiful scarf, an accessory (rings, necklaces, bracelets) a headcap and and a cute pin cushion.
This is also a monthly subscription where you can receive a gift every month! Also wrapped up very beautifully.

Below are some pictures of what I received in my Lulu Bag.


I loveeee my teal hijab!
Make sure you follow lulu bag on instagram if you have it and also visit their website!

Instagram: lulu_bag_


I also received a beautiful necklace from an website called Elska and they are based in Singapore.
It’s made out of beautiful ribbon and white pearls and also can be worn in either black or white which is great!

The pictures below will give a more clear understanding to what I mean.






Also you can follow them on instagram and check out their website too!!

Instagram: Elska_Singapore

Here’s a selfie of me wearing the Lulu hijab.. yaaay!

Take Care.



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